Board Members and Affiliates

-Pat Colby
Vice President and Corresponding Secretary
-Georgia Cordero
Recording Secretary
-Selma Hunter
-Jerry Gusha
-Sandy Clayson,
Carol Higgs
Newsflyerletter Editor/Programming
-Cecelia Moore
Bookbuying Committee
-JoAnn Kostelas, Theodora Sonnichsen, Jan Wilcox
Member at Large
-Chris Watanabe
Member at Large
-Dymphna Kanz
Web Master
-Yumi Yamamoto
Senior Librarian
-David Ellis

Used Book Sales

Friday Preview Book Sales for Member of Friends of The San Pedro Library only. Fridays 2-5 p.m.

Saturdays 11-4 p.m. open to the public.

We also have our own store within the Library which is open Monday-Saturday from 1-5 p.m.

You may join the Friends Group at any of the Book Sales or contact the Branch Librarian.

Donations accepted during book store and book sale hours.

2015 Book Sale dates:

Fri. Mar. 6Sat. Mar. 7
Fri. May. 1Sat. May. 2
Fri. Jun. 5Sat. Jun. 6
Fri. Jul. 10Sat. Jul. 11
Fri. Jul. 31Sat. Aug. 1
Fri. Sep. 4Sat. Sep. 5
Fri. Oct. 2Sat. Oct. 3
Fri. Nov. 6Sat. Nov. 7
Fri. Dec. 4Sat. Dec. 5

Contact Us at

Library Tel: 310-548-7779
931 S. Gaffey St.
San Pedro, CA 90731

Newsletter Archive

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Spring 2014 Newsflyer
Meet Emily Dickinson ...

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The Board meets every last Tuesday of the month starting at 6:00 p.m. Along with the Senior Librarian, we discuss what we can do to spread the love of reading and to improve literacy. The meeting is open to the public so join us and be a part of your community. Photo, top row, left to right: Carol Higgs, Georgia Cordero, Pat Colby, Jan Wilcox, Jerry Gusha, Cecelia Moore, Chris Watanabe, Senior Librarian David Ellis. Bottom row: Theodora Sonnichisen, Dymphna Kanz, Sandy Clayson, JoAnn Kostelas, Selma Hunter, Yumi Yamamoto .

Friends of San Pedro Library Board 2014-15.

Highlights of June Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015. Call to order 6:00 p.m.

14 Board Members, Senior Librarian, and three guests present.

Before the reports, guests Linda Grimes and Pat Carroll of San Pedro Waterfront Arts District talked about their application to the City of Los Angeles for a grant called "Great Streets Challenge Grants." The grant is a partnership between the L.A. Mayor's Office and, a crowd-researching platform for citizen-led, neighborhood-funded projects. According to their handout, this grant will be giving up to $20,000 to community groups that can find innovative ways to enhance and improve areas in their neighborhood. If the District wins the grant, they will be painting eight Department of Transportation (DOT) traffic signal control boxes on Gaffey Street. The murals will have graffiti coating and will be cleaned up by Clean San Pedro organization when necessary. The funding will also include painting a mural on the stone wall facing Gaffey Street, but this has to be approved by the City first. Finally, the community will be invited on a tour of the painted DOT boxes.The tour will be lead by a New Orleans-style second line marching band and end in a celebration in library's front parking lot.They will know by the end of July whether they got the grant or not. Pat Colby wrote a letter of support for their application and the Senior Librarian approved their use of the parking lot. (This page was updated on July 24th. The organization did not win their grant, but will try a crowd fund-raising by themself to create the mural on the stone wall.)

Officers' Report

Minutes for the May 26th, 2015 meeting distributed and approved by board with minor corrections.

Treasurer: Treasurer reported on our finances.

Membership: There were 13 renewals, 4 new members, 44 in grace period for a total of 445 members of which 401 are paid. Fourteen renewals were sent out for the month of July. $50 in donations received.

Newsletter: There were two people who responded to our need to get a new newsletter editor. At this point, they are not sure if they want to take over the positon. We're waiting. The Fall 2015 newsletter will be mailed in late September and will feature our Annual Dinner and Barbara Saltzman who will be the speaker for the event.


Book Buying: JoAnn mentioned that when books are ordered, we never know what was available until the order is picked up. The receipt will show whether a book was available or not. She requested a suggestion box to be put somewhere in the library so people can write down books they want for the library.

Historian: Pat Lynch, our historian, read us an article from the San Pedro News Pilot from 1975 that told about how the library came to be and how Friends of the Library at that time raised over $20,000 for the new library. She also read a song called "San Pedro" by Fred Salton that she found in the archives.

Website: Webmaster reported on the following:

Phone list was passed around to get any updates from the board members.

Committee reports were accepted as given.

Senior Librarian's Report:

Old Business:

New Business:

Adjorned. Next meeting July 28th at 6:00 p.m. in the library community room. Public invited. If you're interested in volunteering, come meet the board. There's always something that you can do to help your San Pedro Library.

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