Board Members and Affiliates

-Pat Colby
Vice President and Corresponding Secretary
-Georgia Cordero
Recording Secretary
-Selma Hunter
-Jerry Gusha
-Sandy Clayson,
Carol Higgs
Newsflyerletter Editor/Programming
-Cecelia Moore
Bookbuying Committee
-JoAnn Kostelas, Theodora Sonnichsen, Jan Wilcox
Member at Large
-Chris Watanabe
Web Master
-Yumi Yamamoto
Senior Librarian
-David Ellis

Used Book Sales

Friday Preview Book Sales for Member of Friends of The San Pedro Library only. Fridays 2-5 p.m.

Saturdays 11-4 p.m. open to the public.

We also have our own store within the Library which is open Monday-Saturday from 1-5 p.m.

You may join the Friends Group at any of the Book Sales or contact the Branch Librarian.

Donations accepted during book store and book sale hours.

2015 Book Sale dates:

Fri. Jan. 2Sat. Jan. 3
Fri. Feb. 6Sat. Feb. 7
Fri. Mar. 6Sat. Mar. 7
Fri. May. 1Sat. May. 2
Fri. Jun. 5Sat. Jun. 6
Fri. Jul. 10Sat. Jul. 11
Fri. Jul. 31Sat. Aug. 1
Fri. Sep. 4Sat. Sep. 5
Fri. Oct. 2Sat. Oct. 3
Fri. Nov. 6Sat. Nov. 7
Fri. Dec. 4Sat. Dec. 5

Contact Us at

Library Tel: 310-548-7779
931 S. Gaffey St.
San Pedro, CA 90731

Newsletter Archive

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Download Friends of San Pedro Library Newsletter and read about our upcoming events and much more. For questions about our newsletter email us at:

The Board meets every last Tuesday of the month starting at 6:00 p.m. Along with the Senior Librarian, we discuss what we can do to spread the love of reading and to improve literacy. The meeting is open to the public so join us and be a part of your community.

Important Announcement: The San Pedro Library will be closed from March 9th through April 17 while the electrical system is upgraded. The April Used Book Sale has been canceled also. The closest Los Angeles public library branch is: Wilmington Branch at 1300 N. Avalon Boulevard in Wilmington (90744). Their phone number is (310) 834-1082 and fax number is (310) 548-7418. Their hours of operation is Mon: 10-8, Tue: 12-8, Wed: 10-8, Thu: 12-8, Fri: 9:30-5:30 Sat: 9:30-5:30, and closed on Sundays.

January Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015. Call to order 6:00 p.m.

Officers' Report

Minutes for January 2nd, 2014 were distributed to each member and accepted.

Treasurer: Reported on our finances. He said there might be a refund for the trike we bought for the library.

Membership: 9 renewals, 5 new, 377 total paid, 40 in grace period for a total of 420 members, and $5.00 in donations. Carol said 21 renewals were just sent out yesterday. Desk was ordered. Should be arriving in the next few weeks. Carol paid $200 which will be reimbursed. She will call them to make sure that they deliver the desk when the library is open.

Programming: Flyers for First Ladies event was just sent out. Steve Lopez program was a great success. We ordered too much coffee. Will reduce it to one coffee pot for the next event. We need to decide on where we will be holding the "Meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald" event. Several places were recommended. Cecelia will do some research before the next meeting. Lisa See is still scheduled for April 19th.

Book Buying: committee members were not present at the meeting. JoAnn will be handling the book purchases for the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December. Jan and Theo will be handling the other months.

Website: Web master reported on website. Nothing unusual, just the normal updates.

Committe reports were accepted as given.

Senior Librarian's Report:

Old Business: Dymphna Kanz talked to an accountant about the 5013C problem we're having. She said that she needs more information from previous years on how we were handling this nonprofit certification. We knew that Robert Moore was the accountant who handled our accounts previously. Dymphna will make her suggestion for a new nonprofit accountant after she talks with Robert.

Georgia and Pat measured the wall behind the circulation counter where the Senior Librarian is letting us hang commemorative plaques of people who have made contributions to Friends. They went shopping and showed us examples of what they found. Discussion was held and many agreed on two different sizes. Board agreed to give "Honorary Life Membership" to past event speakers and entertainers. Their names will be put on individual plaques.

Steve Lopez event took in $1964.00. Our expense was $554.47. This gave us a profit of $1400.00. The board agreed on a $1000 donation to the Lamp Community, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals in Skid Row, in honor of Steve Lopez. We will keep the remaining $400 to use for other events.

Next meeting February 24th at 6:00. Public welcome

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