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New Books for May 2015

We're back! Book Buying Committee Chairperson Jan Wilcox has volunteered to work on this page. Thanks Jan! We hope that it will evolve into a reading club.

Jan has picked ten books for review. Following that, you will find a list of books purchased recently. This page will be updated every other month at least. It takes a few weeks for the library to process the books before they are placed on the Friends of San Pedro Library Book Shelf next to the circulation desk. For information about the authors, go to the LAPL's database Gale Virtual Reference Library and enter their name in the search box.

Author: Ace Akins - Publisher: Putnam Adult - Series: Robert B. Parker’s Spenser Series, Book 2 BOOK: Wonderland -- Henry Cimoli and Spenser have been friends for years, yet the old boxing trainer has never asked the private eye for a favor. Until now. A heavy-handed developer is trying to buy up Henry's condo on Revere Beach and sends thugs to move the process along. Soon Spenser and his apprentice, Zebulon Sixkill, find a trail leading to a mysterious and beautiful woman, a megalomaniacal Las Vegas kingpin, and plans to turn to a chunk of land north of Boston into a sprawling casino. Bitter rivals emerge, alliances turn, and the uglier pieces of the Boston political machine look to put an end to Spenser's investigation. Aspiration, greed, and twisted dreams all focus on the old Wonderland dog track where the famous amusement park once fronted the ocean. For Spenser and Z, this simple favor to Henry will become the fight of their lives.

Author: Daniel James Brown - Publisher: HarperCollins - BOOK: The Boys in the Boat -- The Boys in the Boat celebrates the 1936 U.S. men’s Olympic eight-oar rowing team—nine working class boys who stormed the rowing world, transformed the sport, and galvanized the attention of millions of Americans.

The sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers from the American West, the boys took on and defeated successive echelons of privilege and power. They vanquished the sons of bankers and senators rowing for elite eastern universities. They defeated the sons of British aristocrats rowing for Oxford and Cambridge. And finally, in an extraordinary race in Berlin they stunned the Aryan sons of the Nazi state as they rowed for gold in front of Adolf Hitler.

Against the grim backdrop of the Great Depression, they reaffirmed the American notion that merit, in the end, outweighs birthright. They reminded the country of what can be done when everyone quite literally pulls together. And they provided hope that in the titanic struggle that lay just ahead, the ruthless might of the Nazis would not prevail over American grit, determination, and optimism.

And even as it chronicles the boys’ collective achievement, The Boys in the Boat is also the heart warming story of one young man in particular. Cast aside by his family at an early age, abandoned and left to fend for himself, Joe Rantz rows not just for glory, but to regain his shattered self-regard, to dare again to trust in others, and to find his way back to a place he can call home.

Author: Tara Conklin - Publisher: HarperCollins - Book: The House Girl -- Lina Sparrow, an ambitious first-year associate in an elite Manhattan law firm, is given a difficult, highly sensitive assignment that can make her career: find the “perfect plaintiff” to lead a historic class-action lawsuit worth trillions of dollars in reparations for the descendants of American slaves. An unexpected lead comes from her father, renowned artist Oscar Sparrow, who tells her about a controversy currently rocking the art world. Art historians now suspect that the revered paintings of Lu Anne Bell, an antebellum artist known for her humanizing portraits of slaves from her plantation Bell Creek, were actually the work of her house slave, Josephine. A descendant of Josephine’s would be the perfect face for the firm’s lawsuit—if Lina can find one. But nothing is known about Josephine’s fate following Lu Anne Bell’s death in 1852. Did Josephine die at Bell Creek? Was she sold? Or did she escape? Searching for clues in old letters and plantation records, Lina begins to piece together Josephine’s story—a journey that leads her to question her own life, including the full story of her mother’s mysterious death twenty years before.

Alternating between antebellum Virginia and modern-day New York, this searing tale of art and history, love and secrets explores what it means to repair a wrong, and ask whether truth is sometimes more important than justice.

Author: Pete Jordan - Publisher: HarperCollins - BOOK: Dishwasher: One Man’s Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States -- Pete Jordan, author of the wildly popular Dishwasher: One Man’s Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States, is back with a memoir that tells the story of his love affair with Amsterdam, the city of bikes, all the while unfolding an unknown history of the city's cycling, from the craze of the 1890s, through the Nazi occupation, to the bike-centric culture adored by the world today

Pete never planned to stay long in Amsterdam, just a semester. But he quickly falls in love with the city and soon his wife, Amy Joy, joins him. Together they explore every inch of their new home on two wheels, their rides a respite from the struggles that come with starting a new life in a new country.

Weaving together personal anecdotes and details of the role that cycling has played throughout Dutch history, Pete Jordan’s In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist is a poignant and entertaining read.

Author: Denise Kiernan - Publisher: Simon & Schuster - BOOK: The Girls of Atomic City -- The Girls of Atomic City tells the unbelievable true story of young women during World War II who worked in a secret city dedicated to making fuel for the first atomic bomb—only they didn’t know that.

This narrative non-fiction book introduces the reader to this world through the eyes of the real women who lived and worked there during the war. The Girls of Atomic City is a story of patriotism and purpose, of mystery and suspicion, survival and remembrance. For maps, videos, documents and more, visit The Girls of Atomic City website...

Author: Jilian Lauren - Publisher: Plume/Penquin - BOOK: Some Girls A secret Xanadu. A charming prince. Add decadence, excess, and a rebellious teenager and you have an unforgettable and twisted modern fairy tale.

At eighteen, Jillian Lauren was an NYU theater school dropout with a tip about an upcoming audition. The “casting director” told her that a rich businessman in Singapore would pay pretty American girls $20,000 if they stayed for two weeks to spice up his parties. Soon, Jillian found herself on a plane to Borneo, where she would spend the next eighteen months in the harem of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, youngest brother of the Sultan of Brunei. Leaving behind her gritty East Village apartment for an opulent palace where she walked on rugs laced with gold, Jillian traded her band of artist friends for a coterie of backstabbing beauties.

More than just a sexy read set in an exotic land, Some Girls is also the story of how a rebellious teen found herself- and the courage to meet her birth mother and eventually adopt a baby boy.

Author: Dennis Lehane - Publisher: HarperCollins - BOOK: Sacred -- A beautiful, grief-stricken woman has vanished without a trace. So has the detective hired to find her. And a lot of money… Enter tough-nosed private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro. Rooted in the streets of blue-collar Dorchester, they’ve seen it all – and survived. But this case leads them into unexpected territory: a place of lies and corruption, where trusting anyone could get them killed, and where nothing is sacred.

Author: Michael Moss - Publisher: Penquin/Random House - BOOK: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us -- “Inevitably, the manufacturers of processed food argue that they have allowed us to become the people we want to be, fast and busy, no longer slaves to the stove. But in their hands, the salt, sugar, and fat they have used to propel this social transformation are not nutrients as much as weapons—weapons they deploy, certainly, to defeat their competitors but also to keep us coming back for more.”

“As a culture, we’ve become upset by the tobacco companies advertising to children, but we sit idly by while the food companies do the very same thing. And we could make a claim that the toll taken on the public health by a poor diet rivals that taken by tobacco.”

Author: Helen Simonson - Publisher: Random House - BOOK: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand -- You are about to travel to Edgecombe St. Mary, a small village in the English countryside filled with rolling hills, thatched cottages, and a cast of characters both hilariously original and as familiar as the members of your own family. Among them is Major Ernest Pettigrew (retired), the unlikely hero of Helen Simonson's wondrous debut. Wry, courtly, opinionated, and completely endearing, Major Pettigrew is one of the most indelible characters in contemporary fiction, and from the very first page of this remarkable novel he will steal your heart.

The Major leads a quiet life valuing the proper things that Englishmen have lived by for generations: honor, duty, decorum, and a properly brewed cup of tea. But then his brother's death sparks an unexpected friendship with Mrs. Jasmina Ali, the Pakistani shopkeeper from the village. Drawn together by their shared love of literature and the loss of their respective spouses, the Major and Mrs. Ali soon find their friendship blossoming into something more. But village society insists on embracing him as the quintessential local and her as the permanent foreigner. Can their relationship survive the risks one takes when pursuing happiness in the face of culture and tradition?

Author: Anne Zouroudi - Publisher: Bloomsbury UK - Series: Mysteries of the Greek Detective series - #3 - BOOK: The Doctor of Thassaly -- The Doctor of Thassaly by Anne Zouroudi is the third novel in The Mysteries of the Greek Detective series, and is set in the Greek Islands.

A jilted bride weeps on an empty beach, a local doctor is attacked in an isolated churchyard – trouble’s come at a bad time to the backwatered village of Morfi, just as the community is making headlines with a visit from a national government minister. Fortunately, where there’s trouble there’s Hermes Diaktoros, the mysterious fat man whose tennis shoes are always pristine and whose investigative methods are always unorthodox.

In the latest instalment of the Mysteries of the Greek Detective, Hermes must solve a brutal crime that the victim does not seem to want solving, thwart the petty machinations of the town’s ex-mayor and his cronies and pour oil on the troubled waters of a sisters’ relationship. Third in the Mysteries of the Greek Detctive series, The Doctor of Thessaly is a gripping, darkly enchanting tale of envy, revenge and retribution, set against a sparkling Mediterranean backdrop and served up with a splash of ouzo.

Ace Atkins Robert B. Parker's Wonderland
Kate Atkinson Life After Life
Kim Barnes In the Kingdom of Men
Glenn Beck Control
Glenn Beck The Eye of Moloch
Daniel James Brown The Boys in the Boat
Jonathan Cahn The Harbinger
Ben Carson America the Beautiful
Tara Conklin The House Girl
Jeffry Deaver Kill Room
Janet Evanovich The Heist
Jane Gardam Last Friends
John Green The Fault in Our Stars
Janet Groth The Receptionist
Blaine Harden Escape from Camp 14
Charlaine Harris Dead Ever After
Blaine Harden Escape from Camp 14
Kent Haruf Benediction
Charlaine Harris Dead Ever After
Carl Hiassen Bad Monkey
Elliot Holt You Are One of Them
Khaled Hosseini And the Mountains Echoed
John Irving Last Night in Twisted River
A.S. Johnson Neria
Pete Jordan In the City of Bikes
Caroline Kennedy Poems to Learn by Heart
Philip Kerr A Man Without Breath
Laleh Khadivi The Walking
Denise Kiernan The Girls of Atomic City
Stephen King Joyland
Jonathan Kirsh The Short, Strange Life of Herschel Grynszpan (interview)
William Kent Krueger Ordinary Grace
Chris Kyle American Gun
Jillia Lauren Some Girls
John le Carré Delicate Truth
Dennis Lehane A Drink Before the War
Dennis Lehane Darkness Take My Hand
Dennis Lehane Prayers for Rain
Dennis Lehane Scared
Marcus Luttrell Lone Survivor
Paula McLain The Paris Wife
Claire Messud The Woman Upstairs
Eric Metaxas Seven Men
Michael Moss Salt Sugar Fat
Nele Neuhaus Snow White Must Die
New California Writing: 2011 New California Writing: 2011
Frank Norris McTeague
Edna O'Brien Country Girl
Eugene O'Neil Three Plays
Gwyneth Paltrow It's All Good
G. Keller, J. Papasan The One Thing
Michael Pollan Cooked
Andrew Pyper The Demonologist
Nancy Richler The Imposter Bride
Phil Robertson Happy, Happy, Happy
James Rollins The Eye of God
James Salter All That Is
John Sandford Silken Prey
David Sedaris Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
Helen Simonson Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
Karin Slaughter Fallen
Alexander Söderberg Andalucian Friend
James Salter All That Is
J. Courtney Sullivan The Engagements
Michael Talbot Holographic Universe
Joanne Trollope Second Honeymoon
Garry Wills Why Priests?
Anne Zouroudi The Doctor of Thessaly

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